DIY trendy chokers! 

Hey peeps!! I know I haven’t posted in many months. The truth is I didn’t feel like blogging and was busy. But I finally decided to get things together and finally start posting things. 

So today I have for you 2 cute chokers, that I have seen all over tumblr. This is yet another collaboration  with my friend Vanessa from  Wild Style. Don’t forget to go check out her blog, like, share and follow. 


The first one is a charm choker. This one is super trendy and is all over the Internet. These chokers are super easy to make and are cheaper than the ones you find in stores. 

Start by measuring the leather cord around your neck and then cut it. Take your cord and thread it through the charm. Then fold over both cord ends. Then take one of the ends of your cord and attach the lobster clasp with the help of a jump ring. Then attach a jump ring to the other end. And that’s it you’re all done for the first choker. 
The next choker is a pearl choker. This choker is a little harder than the first one but  eventually it’s worth it. 

Start by measuring and cutting your cord to the desired length. Then thread a large pearl through the cord. Trying to keep it centered make a knot on each side of the pearl. Just like the previous choker fold over your cord ends on both sides, attach a lobster clasp on one side and a jump ring on the other. And that’s it you’re ready to go to school with a cute new choker. 

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Goodbye my beautiful Friends!!!

Hope you like my post for today! 



Beauty hacks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hey guys!!! So recently I was on Pinterest I found this amazing hacks  that I had to share with you guys! Enjoy!!   

 This is my personal favorite. My Bobby pins are all over the place. But when I actually need one I can’t really find any. So when I saw this pin, I was super excited. Just empty out your tick tack container and decorate it. And voilà!! 


 This one is really simple. Just simply Bobby pin your hair ties in place to keep them nice and high up.   

How to fix your eyeshadow . OMG this is my holy grail just simply pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol on your broken I shadow and use a spoon to pack it all in!! 
And we’re done!!! 

Yay!!!! Sorry guys for not posting in 4 eva. I will try my best to post regularly.  

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A few more of my drawings!!

Hey guys I am here I have for you a few of my drawings that were inspired by Christina web and that it’s just Laura. Hope you guys like it.

I hope some of these drawings inspire you to be the artist you truly are

How to use a spoon as a beauty tool

 Hey guys yes I know that I haven’t posted for like a month now. But I was busy with midterms and I was on winter break in Chicago Sue I was busy. Anyways on Pinterest today I came across this awesome article by pop sugar beauty. How to use a spoon as a beauty tool. The pictures are below extremely useful. And will definitely help you.  


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DIY room decor!!!!

Hey guys today I have two new DIYS for you that are very easy. All these pictures seem self explanatory so I am not going to include and explanation.  

Bye peeps! 


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DIY Pillows 

Hey guys today I have for you 3 new DIY pillows      

All of these pillows are very easy to create. You can buy your pillows from Walmart or target.  And they are not too expensive. 
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No more FOMO 

  Hey guys so it’s Friday!! So today I’m going to do a blog post about how I keep away from FOMO which is the fear of missing out. All these ideas are once I can with myself and got on Pinterest. Some of the very obvious ones like using your phone I haven’t put on here. So today I’m preventing FOMO with Event Brite. Also I would love you guys to check out the Event Brite  selling tickets page because it really helps you host a big event and you can sell tickets there too. 

Event Brite selling tickets page

The first one is very basic it’s just checking my email regularly. I make sure that my inbox is clear because I don’t want to be missing out or anything like a party invite or an important email.   

Second one is also very easy but I just wanted to put it out there. It’s just writing things down in your planner and if you organize it in the right way you will not forget a thing. 
Know if you’re like me and writing it in the planter is not enough because sometimes you don’t open up your planner, you might need a bulletin board or a big calendar. Try putting the calendar or the bulletin board right above your desk so whenever you look up you will see what you have planned.  Try using different colors because it really helps the human brain think better. 

And lastly eventbrite. This really helps me plan events. You can even look up events that are in your area and purchase tickets. And if you want to host your own event you can sell tickets from here. 

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Bye-bye peeps. Hope you guys like this post I know it’s a little different than what I usually do. Also don’t forget to check at the event bright site the link is in the intro. Bye guys and say no to FOMO.