Diy mason jars 

hi…. Today I’m gonna show you how to do two DIYS with mason jars. Enjoy!


The first one is a funfetti candle. You will need a mason jar, wax, vanilla cupcake flavored wax cubes, corn syrup, water , wax stickes and some sprinkles.  Start by hot gluing the wax stick to the bottom of the mason jar. Then mix some corn syrup with water and coat the inside of the mason jar with it. When the corn syrup is still sticky pour in some sprinkles and then role the mason jar and make sure there are little sprinkles every where. After that heat up in a mug, some wax and the wax cubes . Then pour the mixture in the jar and use something to keep the wax stick still. Wait for it to dry and cut the exess wax stick. Voilà 

The second one is simple to make. It is a vintage looking distressed mason jar vase . You will need a mason jar, paint and a nail file. Start by painting the mason jar on the outside. After that wait fod it to dry . The. Simply use a nail file to go over the  the front which scrapes of some of the paint. And then your done. 

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