Top 5 summer beauty essentials 

Hi…… Here   are my top 5 summer beauty essentials.

Hope u enjoy 

The first one is water proof mascara 

This is perfect as it will make your eyes pop, and even if you are going swimming, this mascara will keep your look together and will not smudge all over your face 

The second one is cream blush. This kind of blush is better because it  blends easily and keeps your face moisturized. 


The third one is Lip balm with SPF . Lip balm is important year round but this lip balm is perfect for summer as it will protect your lips from the sun while keeping it moisturized. 


The  forth one is BB cream. This BB cream provides hydration as it is a moisturizer, it has the coverage of a light foundation and sun protection. All of that while being light on your skin. 


The last one is a lip tint. Lip tint is important as it last for longand it water proof. So if you are swimming it will still keep u looking beautiful. Why lip stain and not waterproof lipstick or lipgloss ? Lip tint is light on your lips and feels like your not wearing lip stick or lipgloss. And will look natural.

Sooo that’s it!

Hope you like them 😘

Happy summer  

9 thoughts on “Top 5 summer beauty essentials 

  1. I’m a huge fan of the lip tint, especially when it’s in just the *right* shade!

    I’ve never been a concealer/powder fan…BUT I have always been interested in trying out that blush cream.
    Thanks for the recommendation…Can’t wait to try it!


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  2. Hi Kiara, you seem versed on many subjects like beauty and crafts. I like each of your posts, but I have to say the posts about makeup are terrific. I rarely wear makeup unless I go out with friends or to a special function. I do wear a little pink stain on the lips and eye pencil to look decent at the market or shopping. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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