Summer life hacks 

hi……. These are my summer life hacks

The first one is a life saver if you ever wanna cool down and your water is warm😥😥. All you ha e to do is feel your water bottle a little less than half way and freeze it. After than simply fill the rest of your bottle with water!

If your staw keeps popping up when it’s in your soda can, put your straw in through the hole in the tab . Doing this will keep your straw from popping up     

Poke a hole through a small cup or  cupcake wrapper and slide in you Popsicle stick so if it Melts it won’t be all over your hands.

Use mufti trays to put all your hot dog topping in so it takes less space and is easy to clean up   


This one is really simple and will help if you get sunburned a lot this will help. All you have to do is squirt some  aloe vera gel in an ice cube tray and use them when you get sunburnt 
Pictures from Google and

Hope you like it 


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