Cute summer DIYS 

   Hi guys…… Today I have for you three easy DIYS that are perfect for summer 



The first one is Sooo cute.  It’s a swim suit cover up, this is so easy to make. All you need is an oversized t-shirt, a tie-dye set and some scissors. Start bye tie- dying your shirt by following the instructions on your tie-dye kit. Then simply cut the sleeves and collar. After you’ve done that cut it to make the braid in the back (for more elaborate instructions check YouTube) and your done. 


This fringed crop to is amazing. Start but cutting the sleeves and collar of the shirt as preferred. Then cut fringes in the bottom and start knotting. (Instructions are in the picture above ) Once you have done that your crop top is complete !!!!

These lacy shorts are a must have for summer. Start by taking a pair of shorts and cut the corner off. After that sew in some lace to fill up the corner and voilà !

All of these are soooo cute and are a most have for summer
Photo are from Pinterest 
Hope you guys liked it

Good night 

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