Diy summer footwear 

Hey .. Sorry I haven’t posted anything for a while 😕. I was really busy. Today I have 4 new diy footwear for summer! Hope you enjoy!!!!!

   The first one is chic and edgy. You start by taking a pair of canvas shoes then some cute lace fabric to fit the shoe and glue it and there you have it lacy edgy shoes. Awesome 

Yes I know it’s a bit too early for these shoes, but it’s never too early to get patriotic. Start by taking a pair of canvas shoes, you will also need blue and red fabric markers. The simply draw the American flag on the shoes and your Patriotic shoes are ready!! 
These Tie dye shoes are perfect for summer, start by taking a pair of canvas shoes. Then start drawing dots in a circle. (Like the picture above) . You will also need rubbing alcohol and a dropper. Start dropping rubbing alcohol over the dots, causing the colors to bleed and blend. And there you have it tie dye shoes.

The fabric sandals are awesome if your going to a music festival. Start bye cutting your scarf in two. (one half per side) then fold the scarf in two and wrap it around your scandal strap. When Your wearing it use the excess scarf to tie it around your ankle. And your cute fabric sandals are ready. 
Hope you liked it 😴😴

Good night 

(Pictures from Pinterest)

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