DIY lip plumper 

Hey😄. I’m very sorry that I didn’t post anything in a long time I was kinda busy but  I hope you like today’s post. Today I’m gonna show you 3 ways to plump your lips. Enjoy!

The first one is very easy.  Start by taking your favorite lipgloss. Then open it and pour some peppermint extract in the lipgloss. Shake well.  The peppermint will cause your lips to tingle which will plump your lips. If you do not feel any tingle you can add more peppermint oil. Be careful less is more.

The second one is less intense but still does the trick. Start by mixing your sugar with some olive oil and Vaseline.   The next step is optional. Mix some colored lip balm to add color. The sugar will irritate and exfoliate you’d lips causing it to plump up.  Pour your mix into a container and voilà you’re done

This one kind of works the same way as the peppermint one.  So start by taking some of your Vaseline and pour a little bit of cinnamon powder in it. In the picture above they are putting the lip balm mixture on a paint palette but I suggest putting it in a little container. Again like the peppermint lip gloss this will tingle your lips causing it to plump. Be careful do not add a lot of cinnamon powder it might hurt your lips.  Again, Less is more. If you feel very little tingle then you can add little bit more cinnamon powder. And your done!

Did you like it??

I hope you liked it!!




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