July favorites!!!

hey guys so I got this cool idea to do a July favorites from my best friend Vanessa’s blog.Hope you guys like it!!

  The first one is my planner. Yes I have officially become a planner addict. The planner That I have right now is the blue sky day designer and it is perfect for the busy middle schooler like me!


The second one is my face lotion by Neutrogena. This Face lotion is very good for my skin and prevents me from breaking out.  

The second one is a nail gel by nail aid that helps remove stubborn dark nail polish. This actually works really well. 

The second one is also a nail gel by nail aid that is used to remove glitter polish. This works really really well.  At first I used to dread using glitter nail polish but now I have no trouble taking off my glitter polish

So lately my nails have been very weak after my vacation and having been cracking a lot so I had to get a nail glue and I chose this kiss maximum speed nail glue.  This no clue is actually very affordable and is really really strong. 

Hope you guys like this and there will be more every month.


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