DIY photo booth 

 Hey guys so today I have another DIY for you. DIY photo booth!  Hope you guys like!

 The first one is DIY Photo Booth props. I like finding printable Photo Booth props and printing them onto card stock. Then I cut them out and tape them onto wooden skewers or straws. If you do not have card stock try sticking all of your Photo Booth props onto a cereal box and then cutting them out. 


The next one is a DIY photo booth. Backdrop. Start by buying a disposable tablecloth from A party store. Try finding patterned ones. And tape it onto your wall

This DIY will spice up your plain old tablecloth. Start by taking different patterns of scrapbook paper and cutting them into triangles or ribbon ends. Then Hot glue them them all onto twine or any other type of string. Then simply hang get across your tablecloth or wall. 
Good night guys


P.S. These are not my ideas some of them are from friends Pinterest and YouTube. All pictures are from Pinterest.  

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