August Favorites!!!!

Hey guys today I want to show you my August favorites I know I’m doing this a little late but better late than never. Many of these products are gifts that I got for my birthday that was on August 12

The first one is a clean and clear morning burst skin brightening facial scrub. I love this so much I use it every day in the morning I don’t really wakes me up and exfoliate my skin and it really looks brighter. And I really love The smell of lemons. 😉

The next one is a gift for my friend Vanessa and this is the Maybelline mega plush volume express water proof mascara. I really like this mascara because it gives me volume without limping my eyelashes.

The next one are my lip balm’s the first what is US them into one second one is a cherry flavored baby… I really like that one is give me just a hint of color I moisturize my lips. The pink one is a lip smacker cotton candy flavored and I pretty much only use it because of the flavor

I hate to the next two are basically lip crayons. The first one is the Neutrogena moisture smooth color stick in juicy peach number 10. This Color stick is a nude shimmery color and is great for evening outings.

The second one is a Laura Geller love me dew moisturizing lip crayon in dragon fruit sorbet. I like this one even though it’s really bright. I just use a little bit and it really gives my lips some natural color

This is another gift my friend Vanessa and it is the pink total flirt body mist. And I love the so so so much this actually is the the travel size and I actually went and bought a full size of it because I love it so so much.
OK guys so I hope you liked this post it’s the second one of its type and I was actually waiting to do the August favorites and I forgot about it all of a sudden and I remembered it when my friend did the post and I was like oh yeah I should  probably do it.

Anyways so I hope you like it

byeeeeee ❤️😘

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