IPhone 6 phone case collection

you guys going to share with you my from his collection I do not have many as I recently got a new phone. I am not trying to brag it any way shape or form.
Hope you enjoy!


The first one is a unicorn silicone phone case that is 3-D. It has rhinestones on the sunglasses. This one is super cute but if you do not l like bulky phone cases does not defend his that I recommend. This phone cases is from Claire’s


The next one is TPU you phone case that is also from Claire’s and it’s really simple case that says just breathe and it has a pink to yellow ombre


OK so this phone case isalso from Claire’s! And it is a pink and turquoise fox, it’s a silicone case and I really like it

This phone case I got from Ross dress for less. And it is a black and gold slider case it has silicone on the inside so it really is protective. 


This case is also from Claire’s and it is a yellow phone case with sunglasses on it and the sunglasses have flowers on it this case and is really nice and I really like it. As you can see the picture some of the flowers is missing it fell off and I tried to glue it back on but I didn’t stay in place and fell off


This silicone phone case is from China. My best friend got it for me and it’s just a minion phone case with one eye and blue overalls.  

This is my last case and yes it is also from Claire’s this case is a TPU case with Diagonal rainbow chevron. I really like this case as I have a gold iPhone and I like the look of rainbow on gold. 
Did you like it?

Hopefully you did . I know this post is a little bit different so please like it if you want me to do an updated version of it if I get more phone cases in the future

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