Fall Diys 

 Hey guys. Today I have two new DIY’s that are perfect for fall and Thanksgiving. Both these DIY’s I found what I was browsing around on Pinterest. These DIY’s are super easy 


The first one is super easy all you will need is some glue and fake plastic Maple leaves. Start by taking a bowl that you only use your craft purposes and glue on the plastic leaves. After you’ve glued the plastic leaves on add a the clearcoat of mod podge this will secure the leaves. 

This DIY is my absolute favorite. Start by taking mason jars. Try to find some with nothing written on it and  just clear. Start by printing out leaves of your choice. Another alternative to this method is by just getting leaf stickers. Stick your leaf onto the clear part of the jar. Make sure that all the corners are stuck well. Then using the colors of your choice spray paint the jar. Then slowly peel off the leaf. Yay! You’re all done! I really like this DIY as you can use this method for different seasons. 
Bye!! I hope you liked it!  

Email me any questions comments or concerns! 


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