DIY Tumblr room Decor 

Hey guys it today I have for you three Tumblr DIY’s that are perfect if you’re the girl that does not change their Decor every season.    

It’s the first one is basically doily bowls. You will need some doilies obviously, paint, A bowl and glue. Start by mixing your paint and glue then dip the doiley in the glue and place it on the back of the bowl. Wait for to dry and we will harden forming a solid bowl. 


The second one is super easy you will need either blocks of wood or small canvases. By painting your Block one solid color then print out black-and-white realistic pictures of animals and stick it to one side of the The block. They’re already to hang up on your wall now!

The last one is super easy you will need some twine and scrap of paper. Start for printing out a silhouette of The animal of your choice. Then cut the  animal out of different pieces of scrapbook paper ten tape these animals onto the twine and hang them up you can do this vertically or horizontally. 

Hope you like it peeps. 
Email me with any questions comments and concerns at


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