Beauty hacks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hey guys!!! So recently I was on Pinterest I found this amazing hacks  that I had to share with you guys! Enjoy!!   

 This is my personal favorite. My Bobby pins are all over the place. But when I actually need one I can’t really find any. So when I saw this pin, I was super excited. Just empty out your tick tack container and decorate it. And voilà!! 


 This one is really simple. Just simply Bobby pin your hair ties in place to keep them nice and high up.   

How to fix your eyeshadow . OMG this is my holy grail just simply pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol on your broken I shadow and use a spoon to pack it all in!! 
And we’re done!!! 

Yay!!!! Sorry guys for not posting in 4 eva. I will try my best to post regularly.  

Email me with any questions comments and concerns. 



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