Hey my beautiful Peeps!!!

Crafts beauty and more has officially hit 151 followers. so instead of 4 shoutouts I will be doing 5. I can’t believe this, Thank you guys soo much. I am so happy!

I would like to give a shoutout to:

  1. The Desi Damsel
  2. The Cozy Factor
  3. Crafternoons
  4. Above Diamonds and Rubies
  5. My Cat in Wonderland

All of the bloggers above are amazing and you should definitely follow them. They all have awesome and unique ideas.

Also I just made an email account for this site so please feel free to email me anytime you want with questions and concerns. My email ID is down below!

Thank you guys so much!

Bye babes!


Hello fellow peeps 

Hey guys. I am so proud to announce that crafts beauty and more is only 4 followers away from 150 followers. So I decided that I will give the last four followers  a shoutout!!! ❤️😘😱😁😘



WOOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes! That’s right! I got 97 WordPress followers and 3 email followers which equals to 100!!!!!

Thank you guys sooo much! I cannot believe it. 2 months ago I got 50 followers, and now I got a 100. This is a huge milestone for me!

So please comment down below some requests and any questions about my posts!!!

Thank you guys

I love you!!!!!

The Liebster Award!!!!!!


Hey, guys so I got nominated for The Liebster Award!!!! Yay!

I would like to thank Vanessa my BFF   From Sew cute fashions  for nominating me!!!

The Liebster award is meant for blogs that don’t have hundreds of followers and need to get discovered.

Here are the rules:

Thank the nominator.

Display the award.

Nominate 10 more bloggers with 10 new questions.

Answer the questions

Notify the Nominees

Here are my answers!

Favourite Ice cream flavour?  – Blue cotton candy

What city do you want to travel too?  – San Fransisco

Favourite Starbucks drink? – Vanilla bean Frappuccino

Favourite thing to do in the summer? – Have popsicles

What’s your dream job? – not sure

How many languages do you speak? – 3

If you could start a company, what company would you start? -Handcrafted Jewelry, decorations

What’s your all time favourite artist? –  not sure

If you could pick an age to stay what age would it be? – 21

What’s your favourite holiday? – Christmas

Here are my questions

How old are you?

Where do you live?

Favourite cake flavour?

What phone do you have?

Favourite color combination?

What’s your star sign?

Do you have a pet?

Favorite clothing store?

Most hated clothing store?

What sport do you play?

I nominate:

That first hello

Miss Caly

Knits by whit

May may sparkle

Beauty by elyse

Spill the sass

Em’s beauty study


The creative beastie



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Beautiful bloggers award 


Hi guys. I am so happy to tell you guys that I am Nominated for the beautiful blogger award by Little Brooklyn.   

The Rules

Link to the blogger who took the time to nominate you. List seven random things about yourself. Nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers. Notify the Blogger that you nominated their blog for the award.

7 facts 

  1. I love frozen corn. (Like in a bag)
  2. Love duct tape crafts 
  3. Play tennis 
  4. Love menchies frozen yogurt 
  5. Have never gotten detention 
  6. From Dubai 
  7. Love pink, Victoria secret 

My nominees 

  1. That first hello
  2. Miss Caly
  3. Knits by whit
  4. May may sparkle
  5. Beauty by elyse
  6. Spill the sass
  7. Em’s beauty study






Hi guys 

We now have 47 WordPress followers and  3 email followers which equals 50 followers. Yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!  Thank you guys sooo much.  Having Fifty followers is a huge mile stone for me.  Thanks a lot. I love you guys!!!