DIY trendy chokers! 

Hey peeps!! I know I haven’t posted in many months. The truth is I didn’t feel like blogging and was busy. But I finally decided to get things together and finally start posting things. 

So today I have for you 2 cute chokers, that I have seen all over tumblr. This is yet another collaboration  with my friend Vanessa from  Wild Style. Don’t forget to go check out her blog, like, share and follow. 


The first one is a charm choker. This one is super trendy and is all over the Internet. These chokers are super easy to make and are cheaper than the ones you find in stores. 

Start by measuring the leather cord around your neck and then cut it. Take your cord and thread it through the charm. Then fold over both cord ends. Then take one of the ends of your cord and attach the lobster clasp with the help of a jump ring. Then attach a jump ring to the other end. And that’s it you’re all done for the first choker. 
The next choker is a pearl choker. This choker is a little harder than the first one but  eventually it’s worth it. 

Start by measuring and cutting your cord to the desired length. Then thread a large pearl through the cord. Trying to keep it centered make a knot on each side of the pearl. Just like the previous choker fold over your cord ends on both sides, attach a lobster clasp on one side and a jump ring on the other. And that’s it you’re ready to go to school with a cute new choker. 

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Goodbye my beautiful Friends!!!

Hope you like my post for today! 



DIY room decor!!!!

Hey guys today I have two new DIYS for you that are very easy. All these pictures seem self explanatory so I am not going to include and explanation.  

Bye peeps! 


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DIY Pillows 

Hey guys today I have for you 3 new DIY pillows      

All of these pillows are very easy to create. You can buy your pillows from Walmart or target.  And they are not too expensive. 
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DIY Tumblr room Decor 

Hey guys it today I have for you three Tumblr DIY’s that are perfect if you’re the girl that does not change their Decor every season.    

It’s the first one is basically doily bowls. You will need some doilies obviously, paint, A bowl and glue. Start by mixing your paint and glue then dip the doiley in the glue and place it on the back of the bowl. Wait for to dry and we will harden forming a solid bowl. 


The second one is super easy you will need either blocks of wood or small canvases. By painting your Block one solid color then print out black-and-white realistic pictures of animals and stick it to one side of the The block. They’re already to hang up on your wall now!

The last one is super easy you will need some twine and scrap of paper. Start for printing out a silhouette of The animal of your choice. Then cut the  animal out of different pieces of scrapbook paper ten tape these animals onto the twine and hang them up you can do this vertically or horizontally. 

Hope you like it peeps. 
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More drawings!!

OK guys so lately I’ve been trying little bit too much but I’m very proud of these drawings so I decided to share some with you




Bye peeps
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My darling Doodles

Hey guys sorry for not posting in a while but I was cramming for tests. Anyways now I promise that I will post more regularly. Today I have for you some of my doodles that will surely inspire you to create many other doodles

Hope you guys like it. Also I started filming a nail video. But it ended up being a fail because I filmed on my phone and The video was like any weird rectangle which I thought you guys would like so I didn’t post it. But I will be experimenting and trying to figure out how to make that weird triangle go away by you may be using my camera or iPad
Byeee my fellow peeps and I hope these Doodles inspired you. 

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Fall Diys 

 Hey guys. Today I have two new DIY’s that are perfect for fall and Thanksgiving. Both these DIY’s I found what I was browsing around on Pinterest. These DIY’s are super easy 


The first one is super easy all you will need is some glue and fake plastic Maple leaves. Start by taking a bowl that you only use your craft purposes and glue on the plastic leaves. After you’ve glued the plastic leaves on add a the clearcoat of mod podge this will secure the leaves. 

This DIY is my absolute favorite. Start by taking mason jars. Try to find some with nothing written on it and  just clear. Start by printing out leaves of your choice. Another alternative to this method is by just getting leaf stickers. Stick your leaf onto the clear part of the jar. Make sure that all the corners are stuck well. Then using the colors of your choice spray paint the jar. Then slowly peel off the leaf. Yay! You’re all done! I really like this DIY as you can use this method for different seasons. 
Bye!! I hope you liked it!  

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