A few more of my drawings!!

Hey guys I am here I have for you a few of my drawings that were inspired by Christina web and that it’s just Laura. Hope you guys like it.

I hope some of these drawings inspire you to be the artist you truly are


DIY bath bombs 

Hey guys today I have for a cool new DIY. DIY bath bombs. This is a collab with Vanessa L from Sew Cute Fashion  


Start by gathering your ingredients.

 You will need

  1. Baking soda 
  2. Food color
  3. Essential oils
  4. Emergen-C

Start by mixing all ur dry ingredients with the wet ingredients.    
Then put them in your molds. You can use a muffin trays, Any type of mold will do. 

Then let them dry for at least 24 hours 

Did u like it ⁉️

Bye 😊🚁😄❤️👌🏻

DIY crayon lipstick 

Hey guys so today I have for you a cool DIY that you could do for Halloween or for an every day look. 

Ok so you will need to set up a double boiler. So put in one table spoon of coconut per crayon and melt it then just put them into containers to store them. You can make everyday colors or make other bright unusual colors for Halloween, so you don’t spend too much money in Halloween makeup! 😋 
Hope you guys like it


DIY Lip stain

Okay, guys, I’m sorry for not posting anything in a while! I know I need to stay on task!

Anyways today I have a Diy for you that super cool and is really easy



So I found this on Pinterest
And decided to try it out

And it works! This is amazing, why would you want to spend 25$ on a lip tint if you can get this for 1$?? ( I’m not saying this is better that benetint, or other brands)

This is super cool and you guys should definitely try it, and tell me what you think



DIY school supplies

Heyy!! guys today I have two new. Back-to-school DIYs that you will definitely love.  Enjoy!!

The first one is really cute and easy. Washi tape your pencils. This will really spice up your boring pencils. 

The. Second one is really easy and affordable.  Printable  Monogram binder inserts.  These will really spice up your Plain old  binders. The link to the principal binder inserts is below. 

Printable Monogram Binder Inserts

Hope you guys liked it👌🏼👌🏼😃

Share-worthy cute!:P



I have nothing to take credit for in this post except for sharing this.The moment I came across this,I couldn’t stop myself form sharing it with you.
This is for everyone who don’t think they are awesome. Because you all totally are!:D
And, sometimes it is good to look at the positive side of shit.Optimism is cute sometimes.Like here.^ 😛


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Diy collage block letter 


Hi guys… So today I am gonna show you how to make a collage  on a wooden block letter.   Soooo lets get started. 

Start by printing out your pictures after that place them where you want to, and glue then in place. Wait gor it to dry and paint on a layer Madge podgy and wait for it to dry clear. And you’re done, voilà  this diy is perfect as a gift or just to spice up your room

Hope you guys like this